Phase 1-4 and bioequivalence trials

Vx Pharma offers clinical trial execution of Phase 1 to 4 and bioequivalence studies through two separate business entities. Phase 1 and 2 trials are conducted trough Vx Pharma (Pty) Ltd utilising the 23-bed inpatient site in Pretoria, Gauteng, duly set up with state-of-the-art medical and transit laboratory equipment to effectively deliver on the full spectrum of clinical trial management. The 23-bed inpatient ward is fully equipped with a dedicated patient monitoring area and onsite kitchen facilities that provide tailor made patient meals. In addition the site has patient recruitment and processing areas with dedicated consultation areas which serves as a shared area which Syzygy Clinical Research Services (Pty) Ltd utilises to execute Phase 3 and 4 studies. The shared resources of the two businesses create exceptional operational and cost synergy resulting in unprecedented value for our services.

Recruiting patients

At Vx Pharma we pride ourselves on a thriving patient database, which is a direct outcome of our innovative recruitment solutions, such as—

  • extensive capabilities through the Intercare Hospital Group, providing access to a trusted network of GPs, specialists and specialist medical procedures
  • a highly characterised (ICD10 classifications) patient database of more than 70,000 demographically accurate patient records
  • direct access to treatment naïve patients via local primary care clinics
  • dedicated patient enrolment function through our study coordinators

Patient retention

Vx Pharma sees to it that patients stay on trials. Our successful patient retention strategy starts with effective screening and selecting suitable candidates who are likely to remain compliant. We follow through with 24/7 support by making sure patients have access to our sites at any given time of every day, enjoy the comfort of pleasant waiting rooms and fine refreshments, and have a trial investigator at their disposal at each visit. In addition, our study coordinators stay closely integrated with their trial participant community through home visits.