If you are interested in participating in medical research, we would like to hear from you. With Vx Pharma, you will be in good hands: with an impressive network of medical partners, we are able to offer a first-class service for phase 1 to 4 clinical trials, from patient enrolment to drug evaluation. Please visit our website for more information about our comprehensive services and the advantages of teaming up with Vx Pharma.

Reasons for joining a trial

Clinical trials assist pharmaceutical and biotech industries to improve medical knowledge and develop new therapies that bring better health to the world. All medicines, from aspirin that treats a headache to prescription drugs that treat serious diseases like cancer and diabetes, had to go through medical research before they were made available for public use. Not only does your participation help the advancement of healthcare, but taking part in a medical research study can benefit you directly in many ways.

Benefits of participation

  • You get free access to medication and treatments that may be available only through trial participation.
  • You receive the physical examinations, pathology tests, scans, surgery and disease management you need but might not otherwise be able to afford.
  • If required by the research study, you will get free access to specialist care.
  • Whether suffering from a chronic disorder or serious disease, you end up with better insight into your condition and how to treat it.
  • Your involvement in one of our trials will not cost you anything as Vx Pharma undertakes to cover all costs associated with trial visits, including refreshments and travel.
  • You can expect significant remuneration when overnight inpatient stays are required.

Typical participants

Whether you have a common acute or chronic condition or are suffering from a rare or serious disease and may benefit from new improved therapies, then you qualify to participate in an appropriate clinical trial. However, you do not need to be sick to volunteer for participation—healthy people are suitable for bioequivalence studies that seek to compare a medication produced by two different companies. While there might be no direct health advantage of this type of participation, you do get remunerated, and you help to get new quality medicines to the market.